‘Paradox’ by Gabriella Morton acknowledges contradictory constructs that sculpt the prism of our persona. The series unpacks prejudice and embraces irony within the ambiguous alchemy of nature versus nurture.

Series of 6 ERC-721 tokens minted via Manifold in July 2023

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‘Harmonics’ by Gabriella Morton invites you to consider the malleability of your own perception. Like atoms, our beliefs are capable of evolving based on their environment. A change in channel can introduce an entirely new narrative. Tune your antenna accordingly.

Series of 10 ERC-721 tokens minted via Manifold in April 2023

5/10 available


‘Incubator’ by Gabriella Morton navigates the phases of conception and the epiphanies that are induced alongside the development of an idea. 

Series of 6 ERC-721 tokens minted via Manifold in December 2022

1/6 available


‘PHANTASIA’ by Gabriella Morton was born through a therapeutic release to represent being resourceful when feeling stagnant. The subject and environment remain symbolically consistent yet the atmosphere varies. A study of light and texture that transforms a single composition to evoke an abundance of emotion.
Series of 9 ERC-721 tokens minted via Manifold in August 2022

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‘Ideologies’ by Gabriella Morton is a collection of 1/1’s that aim to communicate both philosophic and metaphoric concepts by reformatting them photographically for visual learners.

Series of 3 ERC-721 tokens minted via personal smart contract in August 2022

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genesis drop

Facts need storytellers to breathe life into them. These early works come from a place of awe, when Gabriella first realised she could bridge the gap between art and science to create a stronger narrative around sustainability.

Series of 10 ERC-721 tokens minted via under the original Foundation shared contract in May 2021

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