Gabriella Morton’s photography is an inquisitive and introspective exploration of the human experience. She manipulates light and texture to emphasize symbolism within an ideology, that has evolved into a medium to communicate metaphorical concepts. Her work has been used as a powerful tool in philanthropy, by breathing life into important issues in a way that’s relatable to visual learners. With a complementary combination of technical skill and emotional impact, Ella’s take on surrealism induces both engaging and impactful narratives.


Gabriella Morton’s work has captivated audiences across the globe in international collections and galleries. Notable exhibits in New York City include: Times Pieces Gallery, CompStomp Studios & Wonderfair Festival. Her work was also curated in various European events such as the Obscura Gallery pop up in Rome, NFT Liverpool and was projected in the streets of Belgium by Art Crush. Back on home soils, New Zealand represented her at both NFT Aotearoa and Tyanhaus.