for the blue | project blue
Worked with Project Blue since 2018 to make a homegrown film on the harm plastic pollution is wreaking on our environment. The documentary covers the failures of Western recycling systems and circular solutions to our unhealthy reliance on single-use plastics.

westpac x cogo | carbon footprint tracker 

Being a conscious consumer means being aware of the impacts of things you buy – this carbon footprint tracker links with your bank account to show you how each individual purchase impacts both the planet and its people.

icebreaker | remix magazine

It feels wrong to trap our body’s largest organ, our skin, in plastic. We crave textiles that allow for the comfort of the living, breathing, moving body inside. Icebreaker’s organic and sustainably sourced fibers work in harmony with the land while complementing movement effortlessly 

sikh change makers | the lovepost

Throughout history, women have fought for and shaped the world we live in today; however, their stories have often been left on the sidelines. In this photo essay, we present you with five Sikh women who paved the way for a better future through their fight for social justice, gender equality and a more compassionate world. 

samsung | galaxy

Over the course of 2020-2022 Gabriella used the latest Samsung Galaxy Ultra products to endorse a variety of features such as SpaceZoom, Wide Angle, 108MP and Bright Night. Proving that you can capture creative concepts on your phone from the comfort of your own pocket. 

pure new zealand | tourism board 

Invited by Tourism New Zealand to support Dive Tutukaka with high quality dive imagery for their social channels. A post covid campaign, to encourage Kiwis to get out of their routine, be more experiential and venturesome, support local and be proud to try something new before the year is up!


endura | ford

Social adventure campaign for the new blue Ford Endura 2018. Set out on a mission to find the most complimentary colour palette during winter in middle earth.

glider flights |  omarama

No engine, no fuel, no motor, no propellers. Just soaring through the sky powered by nothing but pure physics. Heavily reliant on gravity, lift, drag, and thrust these glider circled New Zealand’s highest peak to get these promotional shots

aavani wear | sustainable active wear

NZ and Australian inspired activewear designed by 2 sisters wanting to make a difference. Eco, ethical, sustainable activewear made to move. 


media swim | sustainable swim wear

Medea swimwear is made with rich feel, luxe Italian fabric- made from fishnets, plastic bottles, and beach waste- rewoven to stand the test of time. Every piece bought donates to four different non profit organisations- R.O.L.E and SOS in Bali, Indonesia, + Sustainable Coastlines and Auckland City Mission here in NZ.


mello merino | sustainable kids wear

Mello Merino design and create beautiful merino wool clothing. Their clothing is designed with three key elements in mind: aesthetics, comfort and durability for kids. They believe that timeless design and quality will allow for our pieces to be handed down to siblings, cousins and friends, from one generation to the next.


grin natural | sustianable health

Back in 2013 with the surge of organic food and natural products Grin started to look at what’s actually in toothpaste. Unable to find a toothpaste on the market without any added chemicals, they set out to make a new kind of toothpaste to treat our teeth and mouths to something better.