crafting resilience into art

collabortation with soulthesea | presented by click create

Click Create presents ‘Womens Collaborations – At Night’ curated by Cath Simard. ClickCreate features monthly guest curators who choose a theme and artists to create limited editions that are dropped weekly. Curators feature influential and active participants of the digital art community that selects artists to create a unique piece of art for the ClickCreate Collection.

crafting resilience into art

navigating what really matters | the mood podcast with matt jacob

Gabriella’s personal narrative holds a potent story of resilience born from a traumatic experience a few years back; a harrowing experience that led her to ponder at length on the difference between physical and emotional pain and how they can be expressed. When it comes to applying this resilience in her art, we also explore how limitations aren’t always constraints but opportunities for creativity, such as using a strict brief or limited resources.

introducing samsungs first nft | gabriella morton x snucks

Gabriella Morton created Samsung’s genesis NFT in collaboration with illustrator Snucks. The 1/1 is now sold on Foundation where 100% of proceeds were donated to Live Ocean. The collector now owns a piece of Samsung history and can feel empowered about supporting a charity that partners with exceptional marine scientists, innovators, and communicators to scale up action for a healthy ocean.

process over progress | review by mintface​

Her latest work dances with the metaphorical concepts of the moon as a desirable destination, the ladder as the upwards climb and how a subject might approach each. From Gabriella’s vantage point, we see through her eyes that while the moon may be close enough to make out the craters, the subject is not looking longingly towards the moon. Instead, the subject may be carrying the burden of the climb, the expectation that goes with it or is completely unaware of the moon destination and is simply enjoying the process. This is only one interpretation.

isolation | review by swapdiffere​nt

“This is one of the most profound images I have ever laid eyes on and I’d like to try to do it justice through written language. Please keep in mind this photo is not photoshopped. A bed was placed in a body of water and an arial photo was taken. This photo takes surrealism to an extreme. It is perhaps the most simple and literal representation of surrealism that I have ever seen. At the same time it is ingenious and creative.”

artist spotlight #5 gabriella morton | nft syd

We’re thrilled to showcase our first NFT artist and photographer from Aotearoa (New Zealand), Gabriella Morton. In this interview Gabriella shares how and why she got in NFTs, where she finds inspirations for doing art, her impressions of the NFT space and it’s future, and insights into the power of NFT’s.

5 tips to nailing night shots on your phone | urban list​

In partnership with Samsung, we reached out to a photography expert, the legendary Gabriella Morton, for everything we need to know to nail the perfect night shot. Take note, here’s how to snap up a storm under the stars according to Gabriella. This article is sponsored by Samsung and proudly endorsed by Urban List. 

​how i took the leap with hnry

Gabriella Morton is a freelance photographer based in Tāmaki Makaurau. She believes the most powerful form of communication is bridging the gap between art and science. By intertwining the two, Ella builds a strong narrative, ultimately leading towards a more sustainable future. Her involvement with Kiwi organisation Project Blue has taken her around both New Zealand and Malaysia to tackle plastic pollution. The film will be released in June 2021 and you can read more about the project here.

the forgotten sikh women who paved the way for a better world 

Throughout history, women have fought for and shaped the world we live in today; however, their stories have often been left on the sidelines. In this photo essay, we present you with five Sikh women who paved the way for a better future through their fight for social justice, gender equality and a more compassionate world.  

animals at a fjord

an unexpected summer in the arctic: camping in norway

 One month, no phone, no accommodation, no showers and no takeout. Just a helluva gorgeous country with endless hidden gems to discover. With time in our favour, we were able to explore these gems to their full potential. It turns out that taking advice from your friends, mums, colleagues and neighbours is highly valuable… and with that our journey from Kristiansand to Andøya began. This photo essay highlights everything I never expected.  

kiwi youth tired of fighting plastic pollution tackle problem at supply chain level 

It’s a refreshing idea that provides a unique opportunity for New Zealand businesses to audit and eliminate the use of unnecessary plastic from their supply chains and have their first-hand experiences shared with audiences across New Zealand at the same time. Project Blue content creator, Ella Morton, gave us the rundown.

corona blog

rough notes: a guide to astrophotography

A lot of Photographers will boldly state the exact manual settings their camera was set to each time they share an Astro image. I realised there has got to be more to it! If we all used the same settings and pointed our lens at the sky as soon as the Sun’s set, I guarantee you would see distinctive variations in each person’s image. Simply because there are so many more factors to consider when planning an Astro adventure.